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Erika Gorlick

Birth and Postpartum Doula

This is My Story

My passion for all things birth began a few years ago while I was pregnant with my first son. I wanted to be informed and prepared as I mapped out what I saw as MY perfect birth. As I went into labor, I was immediately handed a lesson in how to surrender to the process as I was checked in to the hospital to find that my baby was frank breech. This led to my first son being delivered via cesarean- something that I wasn't prepared for by any means. My recovery and postpartum period became a long journey of healing-physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When I became pregnant with my second son, I had moved through so much of this healing. My mindset had changed, and my goal this time around was to release expectation and to be prepared simply to go with the flow. I was at a birth center this time, planning on trying for a VBAC. I was surrounded by caring midwives, a doula with a soothing yet strong energy, my encouraging partner and son, and two loving friends. The birth of my second son was a completely different experience- one in which I felt heard and supported, embraced and empowered. 

These two births, along with a passion so strong for this beautiful process, led me to become a doula. I want to support, embrace, advocate for, and hold space for your process. I believe that all birthing persons deserve to be educated of their options, to feel heard in their choices, to feel comfort in knowing that any birth can be beautiful, and to feel empowered by their stories. 

Everybody has their


birth and postpartum story.

I want to help you

feel supported in 



Stories and Thoughts



Prepare for your birth through conversation and education.

My goal is to help you feel informed and prepared.


Provide comfort, support, and advocacy of your plan and your choices. 

I am here to help you to feel heard, honored, and empowered in your birthing journey.


Support navigating new parenthood roles in bonding, nursing, and caring for baby.

Help with household duties.


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